Producer's Form

Please download form and fill in contact information and fleece breed and selling price.


We will accept fleeces from sheep, llama, alpaca, mohair goat, angora rabbit.  All fleeces must be skirted and accurate description of breed listed on their form. 

One form per fleece is required.

Fleeces must be in a clean, clear plastic bag.


Fleeces will be accepted on Friday from 1pm to 6pm.  

Fleeces must be dropped off at the Marketplace Barn (Cattle Barn) at the Woodstock Fairgrounds.

Closed Judging will take place from 6pm to 8pm.

Producers will pricing their fleece, stating what they want for the whole fleece.

Fleeces will be for sale at the open of the festival on Saturday morning from 9am to 5pm. 

All unsold fleeces must be picked up after 5pm.  Cheques will be mailed to producer's the following week for all sales of fleeces.


Please contact Jane Elliott at 519-437-1644 or email at fleecefestival@gmail.com 

2020 fibre art show - Cancelled for 2020



To choose artwork in a variety of forms which explore the relationship between crafting techniques and creative expression.  The medium for the artwork must consist of mainly natural fibres (wool, alpaca, llama, camel, silk, viscose, angora, cashmere, etc). 


1. To showcase high quality fibre art that pushes the boundaries of the medium 

2. Inspire and educate others about fibre art

3. Exhibit the work of Ontario fibre artists and expose the breath of talent working with a variety of themes and techniques

4. Encourage crafters to consider exhibiting their work as art

5. Show Woodstock Fleece Festival’s commitment to supporting and displaying the world of fibre in all its variety


1. Innovative use of fibre and/or technique

2. Cohesiveness between design and concept

3. Quality of overall presentation 


Any person who lives within the boundaries of Ontario. 

Entry Deadline: 

To Enter: 

Your application should include:

1. Ten slides of recent work

2. Brief Biography

3. Full Address with Telephone numbers 

4. Answer the following questions — 1. What crafting techniques are you using in order to make your art?  2. What fibres are you using?

Send to: 



Christine Johnson is a fibre artist who works in a variety of mediums, mainly felting.  She is returning full circle to her early career as an arts administrator with the Ontario Arts Council, Quinte Arts Council, Grand Theatre in Kingston, and the Kingston Artists Association Inc. (KAAI or currently Modern Fuel Gallery). In 1995, she curated the exhibition Picking Up the Pieces: Quilted Stories at both the A Space and Harbourfront Galleries in Toronto.  She is also an ordained minister working in the United Church of Canada, serving a parish part-time in the Ottawa area.  Her training as a theologian and philosopher gives her a unique window into the importance of art and art practice in our society.